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[pixxy_content_block style=”faq” subtitle=”Question 1:” title=”When you aren’t sailing, what ARE you doing?” text=”Currently we are selling all of our worldly possessions to become full time live-aboards. Its both stressful and time consuming considering I, Val, believe Adam is basically a hoarder with his things. However, its a work in progress and when we’re not *kindly* arguing about what to throw away or sell, we’re usually working on a new house to flip as a rental or sale. Real estate and house flipping has been a passion of Adam’s for over a decade now and is surely his first and foremost biggest artistic expression in life. Meanwhile, Val finished her schooling in Gainesville to become a full time brand ambassador manager and part-time bartender in Tampa, FL.”]
[pixxy_content_block style=”faq” subtitle=”Question 2:” title=”How did you two meet?” text=”To be quite frank we met in the least romantic or love-inspiring place you could think of.. a strip club! Trust me when I say everyone TOTALLY enjoys hearing about our first encounter… especially Val’s parents (; But its the truth! We were both supporting our local exotic dancers when we met at the bar and well…the rest is history.”]
[pixxy_content_block style=”faq” subtitle=”Question 3:” title=”When did you know this was the life path you wanted to take?” text=”Adam was first inspired through youtube, watching a documentary about a 14 year-old girl who circumnavigated the globe single-handedly. This film was called Maidentrip and was about the one and only Lauren Dekker and is a film that will always be recommended to anyone looking for inspiration to elevate their quality of living.
Adam, at the time, was working year round, traveling and being away from home as a PDR specialist working everywhere in the US all the way down to Australia. He saw the possibilities of this lifestyle and immediately put all his efforts into making this dream a reality. He began researching and came across other people also searching for but mostly importantly ACTUALLY living out the dream he was keen on achieving. When he met Val she thought he was crazy.. but Adam slowly began introducing his favorite YouTube sailing channels to her, most notably of course were Sailing SV Delos, Gone with the Wynns, Sailing La Vagabond and Sailing Doodles, with which he soon began to win her over on what this life could offer… A truly INSPIRING and FULFILLING human existence!”]