Boat Shopping update

December, 15, 2019

Hi friends!

We’ve come back from our trip to view some boats overseas 4 days ago and we’re still jet lagged…any guesses as to where we went? I’ll give you some hints (;

We visited two European countries… the first one is “the Mecca of fried food” as Adam so cleverly described it, and for my (far less clever) hint, the second country is Americans dish for thanksgiving!

Were those easy enough? If you guessed Greece and Turkey then you’re one smart cookie.

We spent most of our time in Greece but only looked at one Lagoon 450f there but did get some good sight seeing in. In Turkey we managed to see 4 boats in one day! It was a great time, and out of both places I’ll say Athens had more sightseeing but Marmaris, Turkey won me over with the food. I couldn’t pronounce any of it but sweet jesus it was fiyaaa 🔥 🔥

Currently I’m going through alllll the footage to make you all a video for the update on boat shopping followed by a video of our road trip to Canada where we got kicked out by immigration! 😁 loads of fun all around! haha

Happy Holidays & keep an eye out for the video… in the mean time enjoy these photos of our trip!

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